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Your First 100 Days of CRM


Are you ready for your first 100 days in CRM? A strong start will set you up for success; a poor start can doom your CRM project to underperformance or even failure. Make it count by watching this webinar!

We now live in a customer experience economy. Our customers demand a consistent, high-quality experience—and if we don’t provide it, they will find someone who will. CRM helps us break down silos of information and serve our customers better, providing them the high-quality experiences they demand.

In this webinar, Peter Wolf of Azamba Consulting Group will offer a few simple (but high value!) tricks to making the most of your first 100 days with CRM.

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About the Presenter

Azamba Consulting Group

Azamba Consulting Group

Azamba's mission is to help your business become a lean, mean, and more profitable machine through the successful adoption of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Your success is our focus at Azamba Consulting Group.