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Understanding the New Lease Accounting Standards


Do you feel bombarded by the ever-changing lease accounting requirements? Watch LeaseQuery and Innovia as we launch our newly formed partnership and discuss how we can help with your lease accounting needs.

During this webinar, a lease accounting expert will discuss the background of lease accounting requirements and why the boards decided to change them. Then, we will dive into the differences between the old standards, ASC 840 and IAS 17, and the new standards, ASC 842 and IFRS 16. And wrap up with a look at the value of a lease accounting software and how it helps with implementing these new standards.

In this session, our partner LeaseQuery will:

  • Review the background of lease accounting rules and what compelled the change in requirements
  • Identify the diverse complexities between the different lease accounting standards
  • Recognize the value of software to help with easy compliance

For more insight on LeaseQuery, visit https://leasequery.com/

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We help accountants and other finance professionals eliminate lease accounting errors that will lead to material misstatements through our CPA-approved lease accounting software and implementation process. Our specialized lease accountants support our clients every step of the way towards compliance, ensuring minimal business disruption.