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What Will Be Your Financial Story for 2023?


What are your financial plans for the upcoming 12 months? A new year welcomes the review, reflection, and, of course, the financial changes you will make. AvidXchange knows this. So, we analyzed millions of payments and surveyed hundreds of financial leaders to find out what they learned in 2022 and how it may impact 2023.

Ultimately, we uncovered seven major storylines poised to play a role within your finance team this year.
We're talking about hybrid work, inflation, data, and analytics. The big stuff. The stuff that could reshape your department and your career.

In this interactive webinar with AvidXchange solutions consultants Rhonda Greene and Jack Clarke, you will learn how to:

  • Explore how inflation has impacted the relationship between clients and vendors
  • Learn how companies are doing more with less as they brace for a predicted recession
  • Understand how data and analytics are empowering finance teams to make better decisions

And feel better prepared to handle whatever 2023 throws at you.

About the Presenter



AvidXchange is a leading provider of accounts payable (“AP”) automation software and payment solutions for middle-market businesses and their suppliers. AvidXchange’s software-as-a-service-based, end-to-end software and payment platform digitizes and automates the AP workflows for more than 8,000 businesses. It has made payments to more than 825,000 supplier customers of its buyers over the past five years.