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Lower Payment Processing Costs by Up to 40%


Did you know that you can save up to 40% on interchange processing fees with Versapay’s embedded Dynamics payment solution?

Watch our webinar with the Versapay team to learn more about payment processing, the players involved, the cost structure of each player and learn how Versapay helps customers save money by optimizing the biggest payment processing fee: interchange! We’ll kick off with a 15-minute video followed by Q&A with our payments experts! 

 Key Takeaways from our webinar: 

  • Gain insight into the basics of payment processing.
  • Learn how Interchange Optimization works.
  • Discover the savings potential when leveraging Interchange Optimization.

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About the Presenter



Versapay is focused on transforming accounts receivable efficiencies and accelerating companies’ cash flow by connecting AR teams with their customers over the cloud. Through the Versapay Network we make billing and payments easy for buyers and sellers, reducing costs and eliminating paper, checks, and manual business processes. Based in Toronto with offices in Atlanta, Cleveland, Baltimore, LA, and Las Vegas, Versapay is owned by Great Hill Partners, a Boston-based technology investment firm.