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Project Success is up to YOU. Taking Your Project to the Next Level


Ensuring that your projects are successful is a full-time job. We get it. On top of your regular full-time job, managing systems projects isn’t it. Yet, here you are. Watch our webinar as we help you set your projects up for success.  

Don’t think it’s just up to your partner to get the job done. YOU (the client) have critical roles and responsibilities in a project, and I bet no one’s ever sat you down to explain them. Truly, you can make or break your own project. Failure is not an option, and your organization is counting on you.

Learn the 10 essential roles and responsibilities, and how to do it as efficiently and effectively as possible. If your project has already started – it’s never too late to layer in these lessons. You can bring what you learn to your boss to convince them too.
Learning Objectives:

  • Level set on project realities
  • Illuminate YOUR critical roles and responsibilities in a project (vs. those of your partner)
  • Outline how YOU hit your marks efficiently for project success

About the Presenter

Andrea Hall

Andrea Hall

Customer Success Manager

Andrea has over 20 years of progressive experience leading and executing business and system programs and strategies. She excels at developing strategic plans for complex business opportunities, including growth and acquisition integrations. Adeptly launches new departments, teams, and programs with Standard Operating Procedures. Her proven ability to engage and inspire others to high-performance standards while championing a positive work culture. Andrea is a passionate and positive individual recognized for outstanding leadership abilities, communication skills, innovative problem-solving, sound judgment, keen political savvy, and a sense of humor.