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Never Miss a Report Again! Schedule Them in Business Central


Are there specific reports that are part of your daily / weekly / monthly tasks? Is it repetitive to run them manually?

Silly question, I know. Of course it's tedious! Luckily, Business Central has a solution, and it's surprisingly easy to set up.

The report scheduler is available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central out of the box. No customization required! You can schedule reports to be sent to yourself automatically as frequently as you need them.

Don't miss this opportunity to streamline your day by using this feature you already have with Business Central. Innovia Project Manager Gino Pack will demonstrate how to set it up so you can start getting more done while meeting your reporting requirements. 

About the Presenter

Innovia Application Consultant

Innovia Application Consultants work with clients in a wide variety of industries to implement, configure, and support their Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV systems. Each consultant works on either a project team, where they focus on specific customers, or the dedicated support team, available to all Innovia clients for short-term engagements. Innovia's Application Consultants understand how Business Central/NAV works and how businesses can apply its functionality to improve their processes. Because of this experience, they are well-equipped to teach practical Innovia Training Workshop sessions to equip your users to do more in your system.