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Lanham Warehousing – Just Right!


Whether you need simple processes for managing your warehouse, or you need some pretty sophisticated functionality, Lanham supply chain solutions are available to help you.

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Watch us to see how you can increase your warehousing productivity in Business Central Online or On-Premises. We’ll show you how E-Ship & E-Receive, Outbound Warehouse Request (OWR) and ACE Warehousing, with their many features, have been designed to tightly work together with BC Warehousing. 

If you don’t need to track product by Bin, Lanham’s Pick Request functionality allows allocation of product, creation of picks, and support for handheld devices without the overhead of a formal WMS.

For more complex requirements, ACE Warehousing offers an extensive set of features and flexible configuration options.  It builds on the advanced warehousing functions in BC, with new options and enhancements for put-aways, picks, and movements.  ACE Warehousing also provides the ability to perform physical inventory tasks and dynamic/ad-hoc inventory transactions from a handheld device. Lanham’s new handheld mobile user interface runs on the BC mobile app, which supports Android and iOS devices.  The app provides a familiar user experience, shortening the length of time required to learn the tasks pertaining to warehousing productivity.  It also makes it convenient to implement custom functionality by you or Innovia.

Lanham maintains high quality standards and active development on all of its apps, and works closely with partners and end-users on adding new features in each of its supply chain solutions.

Simple or complex, or somewhere in between, with Lanham, just the right option is available for your warehousing needs.

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Lanham Associates

Lanham Associates

With Lanham's supply chain solutions are built inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV, and designed to work together so you can start anywhere and grow based on your business needs. Every day more than 120,000 professionals in 20+ countries depend on Lanham Associates for productivity in supply chain management.