Introduction to Developing Enums in Business Central


You may or may not have noticed that Business Central is phasing out the Option field and replacing it with enums which stands for enumeration list. This will allow the fields to be easily extended in the future. Innovia's own Rick Folkner will walk you through how to create a new enum then add a new enum field to an existing table.

Watch our FREE webinar as we discuss enumeration lists. Topics include:

  • Creating an enum object 
  • Define a list of options
  • Extend enums in base objects
  • Add an enum field to an existing table

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About the Presenter

Rick Folkner

Rick Folkner

Rick works on the Development Team at Innovia. He has been working with Dynamics NAV since 2007, starting with version 4.0. He's done development work in many areas of NAV, including Financials, Sales & Marketing, Purchasing, and Warehouse.