Digital Adoption and User Training - in one solution with ClickLearn


ClickLearn captures complicated work processes in popular business software. With just a click you can produce multi-format learning materials, in any language, and publish to a 24/7 learning portal. See how ClickLearn can help you create a complete e-learning portal in just a few clicks.

Topics of discussion will include the following:

  • See how easy it is to automate writing business-critical user documentation.
  • Learn to simply record complicated work processes to produce multi-language learning materials available 24/7 from any device.
  • Discover how users can create their own e-learning portal that will be available INSIDE their live system.
  • Learn how ClickLearn delivers learning content across 7 different formats including live on-screen assistance!

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ClickLearn is founded by three IT pioneers with a passion and a deep understanding of the complexity of ERP systems. In a rapidly developing digital world, the need for quality and varied learning material and documentation has never been more important. They developed ClickLearn to overcome this challenge, not knowing they're were building a versatile solution with many unique features.