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Enhance Your Organizational Culture with Continuous Process Improvement


“Flip your organization upside-down and see what comes out!”

In this session, you will learn a simple technique for changing the culture inside your organization, which can result in increased process efficiency and reduced costs.

This approach is not just for manufacturing! A continuous process improvement culture can be effective for all functional areas (finance, IT, warehouse, sales, etc.) and all types of businesses (grocery stores, law firms, hospitals, distribution centers, and much more). If you have any process at all, this method can help you!

Watch and see how continuous process improvement works and how you can start implementing it in your organization today.

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About the Presenters

Gary Harpenau

Gary Harpenau

Chief Operations Officer

With Gary’s extensive manufacturing leadership experience, his time leading projects and managing plants around the world for Eli Lilley allows him to bring significant operational experience to Innovia. He has helped many clients make great ERP decisions and utilize their Business Central/NAV systems to their fullest potential. Customers and Innovia have benefited from his work with Value Stream Mapping and process improvements while he was on the Customer Engagement Team.  We look forward to Gary helping us grow the operations teams and continuing to move us towards becoming a world-class organization.

Kevin Clifford

Kevin Clifford

Customer Success Manager

Kevin has over 20 years of experience in Customer Support and Sales and has worked with customers in a broad range of industries. He also uses his more than 15 years of experience in production and product management to help customers improve their own processes.