Empowering Client Communication & Project Implementation using Design Thinking


The need for a company to be digitally literate and have transformative, cutting-edge technologic displays is a challenge that continues to rise. Design thinking is a human-centered, transformative process that focuses on innovation and opens the door to engaging and thoughtful conversations between company and customer.

Combining Design Thinking with Microsoft products such as Dynamics 365 or Power Platform can be a powerful and effective duo that tackles common digital transformation and implementation challenges.

In this webinar, Savannah Dill, Power Platform Consultant, will discuss how Design Thinking can be used in all stages of the company-customer relationship and effectively solve communication and project implementation problems using a human-centered, design thinking approach.

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About the Presenter

Savannah Dill

Savannah Dill

Savannah is our Power Platform Consultant at Innovia Consulting. She is an experienced graphic designer with an emerging taste in UX design and research who thinks of herself as a hybrid practitioner. She has a strong and diverse academic background with a Bachelor of General Studies degree focused on Science and Mathematics from Indiana University South Bend and graduated with her master’s degree in Emerging Media Design and Development at Ball State University in 2021.