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Simplifying field operations with a Field Service Management Software


Is information frequently lost or not captured? Are manual processes slowing down your company? Are your service workers still using pen and paper?

ExpandIT Mobile Field Service software enables organizations to simplify operations and reduce errors, improve customer service, and increase cost and time savings. It connects to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and NAV to ensure information flows automatically between your field service software and ERP system, enabling you to improve the speed of processes such as invoicing.

In this session, ExpandIT will show you how to optimize your business in 5 key areas:

  • Manual processes
  • Scheduling
  • Resource utilization
  • First-time fix rates
  • Invoicing

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About the Presenter



ExpandIT offers field service management solutions for Business Central. With ExpandIT companies can optimize operations, ensuring the right people to the right place at the time with the parts and equipment to get the job done, while at the same time eliminating paperwork, redundant reporting, and manual administrative work.