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Best ERP 'Housekeeping' Practices


Keeping up with your ERP is challenging, we get that. But do you have the proper maintenance in place to help with day-to-day tasks?  

This session will cover the ongoing maintenance and processes to help maintain and manage data, users, licensing, and backups. For the most part, companies only spend time cleansing data when they must, largely due to upgrades or a system change. That means that the production system could have duplicate and/or obsolete records that show up on reports and lists and require workarounds if not coded properly. In addition, they often don’t have a good report inventory, knowing which reports are run, when and who the recipients are, or an audit to ensure that users who are no longer with the company are removed. Putting some of these best practices in place will help keep your system current and cut down on the “heavy lifting” required when you are ready for a re-implementation or upgrade.

“Easy now, hard later or hard now, easy later."

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