Equisys Zetadocs

Sending and Receiving Documents ... Faster and More Securely!

Zetadocs electronic document management helps you tackle your organization's challenges that relate to delivering documents, the capture and archival of important information against Business Central / NAV transactions, and expense management.

Does your organization encounter challenges when it comes to quickly and efficiently sending batches of documents such as customer invoices, order confirmations, and statements to the appropriate contacts?

Does your organization face challenges retrieving information because employees are not storing documents in a consistent manner so they become difficult to find?

Does your finance team get inundated with expense reports at the end of the month that need to be re-keyed into NAV or Business Central for processing?

Over the years we have developed techniques and solutions that have helped organizations move away from paper & shared network folders by modernizing common processes like invoice delivery, employee expense approval, and allowing employees to be more productive by ensuring they have access to the right information at the right time.


Zetadocs Delivery

The Delivery editions of Zetadocs enable you to email batches of documents in PDF format from within Business Central/NAV, helping your finance team produce and send documents such as customer invoices and statements.

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Zetadocs Capture

The Capture editions of Zetadocs store emails and scanned documents alongside Business Central/NAV transactions for instant access on screen or directly from an electronic archive.  This speeds up handling customer or vendor queries and cuts the time your team spends on traditional filing in paper file cabinets and unstructured network folders.

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Zetadocs Expenses

The Expenses editions of Zetadocs, including a free Express edition, help Business Central users manage travel and entertainment expenses. Employees can capture an expense by taking a picture of their receipt and submit it using the Zetadocs Expenses app. Managers can approve claims while on the go.

Direct integration with Business Central saves time for your finance team because they do not have to rekey information. Zetadocs Expenses gives organizations insight into spending patterns and helps prevent expenditures that go beyond budget or outside company policy.

A free Express version of Zetadocs Expenses is available for up to 25 employees of Business Central online customers.

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Which financial processes can Zetadocs help become more efficient?

Electronic invoicing, sales order processing, expense management, supplier invoice processing, collections management, and proof of delivery.

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If you're a business currently using Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central and want to make your daily business processes more efficient, why not get in touch today? Contact your Innovia Customer Success Manager today to learn more about Zetadocs from Equisys. You can also call us at 800-834-7000 or email us at sales@innovia.com to learn more.