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Cosmos Data Technologies

The Next Generation of Business Central Reporting

Cosmos is a cloud-based reporting and business analytics solution built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Fully supported by Microsoft Azure, Cosmos provides a unified, intuitive platform to easily create and modify reports, edit data models, manage users, and share information – all without technical expertise or familiarity with the underlying data structure.










Make Report Creation Easier

Unlike other on-premise reporting solutions for Business Central, Cosmos includes a powerful data warehouse to clean and organize data from multiple sources and optimize it for reporting and business intelligence. Its seamless integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory lets users easily log in with their Microsoft Business Central or Office credentials and start building reports and dashboards immediately in Excel or Power BI.

With governed data, a familiar Excel interface, and self-service data visualization at their fingertips, Cosmos makes report creation easier for everyday Business Central users – equipping them with the data and tools they need for faster operational analysis, smarter decision-making, and instant results.

Don’t struggle to get the data and reports from Business Central. Choose Cosmos for Business Central reporting and experience:

48X Faster Reporting Speeds:

Cosmos is the first and only reporting and analytics solution designed to work with Business Central cloud for superior performance without additional hardware or technical expertise. That's why Cosmos reports run 48x faster than other Excel-based reporting tools!

An Intuitive Experience for Users:

Leverage a familiar Excel interface to easily create, build, and customize reports and dashboards without worrying about the underlying data structure or requiring technical expertise.

Superior Multi-Tasking Capability:

Unlike other solutions that lock up your Office applications or tie down your machine while running reports, Cosmos allows unlimited, simultaneous report refresh and updates while leaving Excel open for use!

Instant Value and Success:

Use reports immediately with access to 30 pre-built, fully customizable Business Central reports out-of-the-box directly. From day one, you’ll experience turnkey success with simplified data migration, effortless installation, and quick user adoption.

One Unified Platform:

Minimize administration by leveraging a single, cloud-based data platform that handles all your reporting, analytics, and data governance in one place.

True Power BI Integration:

Complex data modeling and technical back-end work to build and use Power BI dashboards? Not here! Give your users the ability to create dashboards and data visualizations in seconds from directly inside a familiar, intuitive reporting tool – without SQL or DAX.











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