Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009? Here's Everything you Need to Know

After more than a decade on the market, NAV 2009 has some serious longevity in the ERP market! Many businesses still employ it to manage their finances, manufacturing, and operations. If that includes you, you have found the right place. To help you make the most of your system, we compiled free resources from both us and Microsoft specifically about your version.

Many of Innovia's consultants and developers have been working with NAV 2009 since it came out, so there's a considerable amount of knowledge to be tapped into here. You can either scroll through sequentially or click a topic below to skip ahead to it. 

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The Biggest Benefit of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009? Integration

One of the factors that makes your NAV 2009 system unique is that it's from Microsoft, one of the largest computer software companies in the world. Because Microsoft owns it, your system works well with other Microsoft products ... probably most of the shortcuts on your desktop, in fact!

Word, SharePoint, Excel ... these programs have been office staples for decades because they get the job done. With NAV, you spend less time converting data from one format to another because your ERP communicates directly with them.

What else can you gain with this NAV/Microsoft 365 synergy? Find out by reading Tom Doran's blog "7 Great Benefits of Microsoft 365 and Dynamics NAV Integration."

Microsoft 365 for NAV 2009

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Supply Chain Management

One of the strengths of NAV is its flexibility. With the right partner, you can adjust your system to meet any unique needs you have. In the fast-paced supply chain sector, this advantage gives you a leg up on your competitors.

NAV gives you the tools to grow your business and achieve more, including:

  • Rapid responses to customer changes and market opportunities
  • Productivity gains by identifying and eliminating inefficiencies
  • Business intelligence with powerful planning and reporting tools

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Innovia happens to be highly experienced working with businesses in the supply chain, especially food distributors and wholesale distributors.

Working with NAV 2009 for Food Service

Speaking of food, if you are a food service distributor wanting a quick overview of NAV 2009 for your specific industry, we have a short demo playlist set up just for you.

Just fill out the short form below to start watching! (Note: At the time of this recording Innovia Consulting was still known as ABC Computers)

Other Innovia Resources

We have even more NAV 2009 content available to educate and inspire you. If you haven't found what you were looking for here, click below to view the entire library of version-specific blog content.

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Microsoft Resources

The Microsoft documentation site, even though it is no longer updated for NAV 2009, is a treasure trove of information as well. If you want more specific details about a particular feature or need information about a specific update, this is the place to go!

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Do you Need Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Support?

Innovia is one of only a handful of Microsoft partners that has a dedicated support team for all versions of NAV, including the latest version of Business Central and NAV's predecessor Navision. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Support

Need a New Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Partner?

Your business deserves the best support. Period. At Innovia Consulting, you are our priority. We focus on getting you the functionality you need to succeed and to maximize your ROI for your ERP system. We've heard clients say we care as much as they do about their businesses.

Despite its age, NAV 2009 brings significant benefits to its users, especially with the right partner. Perhaps you're coming to this page because your current partner is not meeting your needs for support. That might mean it's time to think about switching!

There are several other signs that you need a new partner, too. Learn about them in our free ebook on the five unmistakable signs that you need a new Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 partner.

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