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Whaddya Say? Listen to Your Customers With Microsoft's Customer Voice


How are you getting feedback from your clients? How well do you know about their changing needs as we emerge from the business disruptions of the pandemic? Customers have critical information that can help inform improvements, spur product development, increase profitability, add to your growth and enhance decision-making.

Customer Engagement Specialist Mary Malone will bring her 30+ years of survey research experience to this webinar. She’ll discuss important elements to consider when performing a customer survey. In this session, you’ll learn how Microsoft’s Customer Voice product makes it easy to use surveys to capture information and perform simple data analysis. She’ll round out the webinar by discussing how adding Power BI tools can create even better insights.

Invite your customer care, marketing, and sales team members to watch this webinar and put your Customers’ Voices to work in your organization.

About the Presenter

Mary Malone

Mary Malone

Mary Malone, MS, JD, is a Customer Success Manager at Innovia Consulting. She is a well-rounded strategist, hard-wired for execution. She has experience in a range of roles, including operations, customer service, marketing, sales, and strategy, including senior leadership positions in two start-up survey data companies. Mary describes herself as "a data-geek and culture-freak," with a customer-centric ethos and bias for action. An experienced mentor, she passionately strives to develop the talents of her team members and to be a servant-leader.