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Warehouse Flavors in Business Central


You have a warehouse to manage... aisles, sections, bins. It looks and sounds simple, right? So, why are there so many options available in Business Central to use when setting up the warehousing? Which ones are right for YOUR warehouse process?

In this webinar, we will discuss the configuration options available on the Location card in Business Central to help you to become an expert and make your warehouse work for you not against you.

Key topic areas you will learn in this webinar:

  • We will go in-depth to review the configuration options when setting up warehousing in Business Central.
  • Walk-through configuration parameters on the Location card in Business Central and observe how changing of the parameters reflects on the outcome of the PO receiving process and customer order fulfillment.
  • Review best practices and the most common applications.

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About the Presenter

Andrei Bruzgulis

Andrei Bruzgulis

Andrei Bruzgulis is a Senior Application Consultant with Innovia Consulting. He has implemented ERP systems at more than 40 companies in the US in diverse industries, like distribution, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, professional services, and insurance. In addition to Business Central/NAV, he also has experience implementing Insight Works solutions, Walters Kluwer tax solutions, Experlogix CPQ, and many more.