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The Most Integrated Way to Accounts Payable Automation


Do you want to improve your Accounts Payable Automation? Continia has a solution for you.

In this webinar, we will show you how Innovia and Continia partner together to bring you an integrated way to handle Accounts Payable Automation. Using the Continia functionality built directly inside of Business Central/NAV, you will have the ability to leverage OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for any purchase invoice and match it to a purchase order or receipt. This will completely automate your AP process and allow your finance team to focus on the actual numbers instead of data entry and validation. As a bonus, this software can also be used to automatically create Sales Orders based on your customer’s Purchase Order. This webinar will also cover topics like approvals, matching, delegation, and much more.

About the Presenter



For more than 25 years, Continia has been adding value to users of Microsoft Dynamics by developing and offering solutions to effectively handle different types of administrative processes. Today more than 5,000 Microsoft Dynamics NAV installations actively use one or more of our products to speed up or to automate various administrative processes.