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Strengthen Your Internal Control with Security Apps from 2-Control


How much internal control do you have with your security apps and permissions?

2-Control is an ISV and IS audit company that has been supplying add-ons and apps aimed at strengthening internal control and security for Dynamics NAV and Business Central for 15 years. Arno Mouwen, founding partner, will give a presentation about its products. You will learn just how easy it can be to setup and manage  authorizations, all while getting valuable insight into the quality of your authorizations.

With 2-Control's solutions, you'll be able to answer questions like:

  • Where did the segregation of duties break?
  • Who has access to critical permissions?

In addition, Arno will show how authorizations can easily be extended to field and filter levels and how simple validations can be set up on fields.

About the Presenter



2-Control is an IT audit organization and provides support for understanding and improving the reliability of automated information services. It helps partners and customers on issues relating to AO/IC, Information Security, privacy, IT risk, IT security, and other audit topics with easy-to-use security solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV.