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Start Anywhere & Grow: Lanham Supply Chain Extensions


It’s easier than ever to start and grow with Lanham Supply Chain extensions. Join us for a walk-through organizing and prioritizing shipments, shipping product, and seamlessly generating EDI documents in Business Central with Lanham extensions.

We’ll provide product overviews and highlight how:

  • Any customer shipping products and using extensions can benefit from Outbound Warehouse Request’s efficient planning and filtering of shipments (since its Pick Request feature is now available without a dependency on warehousing).
  • Our 3PL/EDI feature can keep inventory accurate in real-time between 2 separate systems whether the sales orders are received via EDI or through another method.
  • You can drive productivity, with or without using a WMS (Warehouse Management System), when you use the new Lanham Handheld User Interface on mobile devices.

Lanham extensions, available for On-Premises, Subscription, or BC Online platforms, are designed to work together so you can start anywhere and add more apps as your business needs grow.

About the Presenter

Lanham Associates

Lanham Associates

With Lanham's supply chain solutions are built inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV, and designed to work together so you can start anywhere and grow based on your business needs. Every day more than 120,000 professionals in 20+ countries depend on Lanham Associates for productivity in supply chain management.