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Optimize Your Warehouse Operations with Barcode & RFID Technologies


Is your warehouse facing inefficiencies, such as employees taking a long time to locate items, long cycle times, rebuying materials you have on hand but can not find, or shipping inaccuracies?

If so, you are not alone. Many organizations struggle with these challenges because they either operate with legacy equipment or still use paper-based processes.

Modernizing your operations, whether in the warehouse, on the factory floor, in the field, behind the counter, or in front of patients, can give you a leg up on your competition, but you must have the right tools to succeed.

In this webinar, Barcom will share with you the keys to optimizing your operations by automating processes and leveraging the power of barcode and RFID technologies.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How barcoding & RFID solutions can speed up transaction times without adding resources
  • The secret to reducing cycle times with greater accuracy
  • How barcoding technology can transform your supply chain
  • Which technologies are trending right now and why

About the Presenter



Since 1991, Barcom has been recognized as a leader in hardware and software solutions for automated data collection applications in manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, and field service environments. Barcom’s engineers, programmers, and help desk representatives offer a collaborative approach by partnering with your IT resources from site analysis to post-implementation support to improve worker productivity, control operating costs, and increase profits. If your organization is interested in optimizing your operations in areas such as quality assurance, inventory tracking, or asset management, we can help. Our barcoding, machine vision, industrial printing, and RFID technologies can help you streamline workflows and achieve greater operating efficiencies.