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New Implementation Methodologies for a Remote World


Have your warehouse operations been affected by COVID-19? If your business operations have been impacted, you might need some guidance on how to get back on track.

The complexities of a WMS (Warehouse Management System) implementation traditionally require support teams to be onsite for extended periods of time. When the coronavirus forced travel bans in early 2020, Generix Group was on the cusp of several large-scale WMS go-lives. This forced the Generix team to quickly adapt its approach with the latest communications and project management tools. The result was seven successful go-lives at distribution and manufacturing businesses throughout the midwest.

In this webinar, we will detail several methods and tools that you can use to manage even the most complex projects remotely –from implementation to go live. With TEAMS Planner and the allocation of the right resources with rigorous communications plans, remote implementations are not only possible but truly beneficial to your business and its clients. Don’t miss this timely and informative webinar.

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Generix Group

Generix Group

Generix Group offers the SOLOCHAIN™ Warehouse Management Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With best-in-class WMS functionalities, you can manage your warehouses not as isolated 4-wall boxes but as part of a connected material and information network. Generix integrates dock and yard management, returns management, labor, and quality management.