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Learning to See Waste in a Transactional World

July 23, 2024 | 12 pm CT / 1 pm ET

One key to continuous improvement is learning to see the waste in your processes and truly understanding what adds value to your products or services. Most of what we do is waste, yet we don’t know how to see it.

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In this session, we will walk through the “8 Deadly Sins of Waste” and how those relate to a transactional environment so that you can more clearly see the waste in your own processes as you seek to drive continuous improvement in your organizations. After you leave this presentation, you’ll look at your processes through a completely different lens.  


About the Presenter

Colleen Fons

Colleen Fons

Courageous and energizing leader with extensive experience in customer service, Lean and process improvement, service supply chain planning, product life cycle management, finance, inventory analysis/management and operations. Proven ability to set and execute to a long-term strategy and drive teams through significant change. Demonstrated record of breaking down complex problems across functions and driving teams to solutions that benefit the customers, employees and organizations in general. Ability to build collaborative relationships and develop credibility through building a common need within and across functions, establishing respect and trust, communicating transparently and always doing what is best for the business.