Digital Transformation: It’s Real and It’s Spectacular!


Tired of hearing about "Digital Transformation" yet? The term seems to be everywhere and the past two years have only intensified its prevalence. What is it exactly and why is it important?

Many pundits are warning companies to get busy embracing it or get left behind. Embracing technology's role in business is now democratized and easily accessible by the smallest companies - leadership simply has to be open and motivated to change.

Compared to traditional IT projects in decades past, applying technology to drive business innovation and process improvement now can be inexpensive, easy to start, and, dare we say, fun.

Discover how easy it is to eliminate hours of non-value-added activity each month for your finance team through the application of easy-to-understand business rules and OCR technology. We'll share how to eliminate hand-keying of invoices, do away with hours of wasted time tracking and chasing down paperwork, take better control of your cash flow, and position your team to do more with less.

About the Presenter



For more than 25 years, Continia has been adding value to users of Microsoft Dynamics by developing and offering solutions to effectively handle different types of administrative processes. Today more than 5,000 Microsoft Dynamics NAV installations actively use one or more of our products to speed up or to automate various administrative processes.