It’s Not Me; It’s You: Signs It Is Time To Upgrade Your ERP System


How do you know when to “break up” with your current ERP? What are the signs you should be looking out for?
If you’ve asked yourself these questions, we are here to help you find answers.

Watch Innovia Application Consultant Andrea Riviezzo and Andrew Tuskey as they discuss the early warning signs you should keep an eye on as your business operations expand.

Deciding to switch ERPs can feel like deciding whether to break up; it requires an honest reflection of your needs and whether they’re being met.

In this webinar, we’ll answer:
• The top five red flags for when it’s time to move on
• The top five functions to look for in your next ERP
• Any questions you might have

About the Presenter

Andrea Riviezzo

Andrea Riviezzo

Application Consultant

Andrea comes from the consumer goods industry, where she held positions of Controller and ERP Manager. She has over ten years of accounting experience and has been using Business Central/ NAV since 2016, mainly as an end-user. Andrea is a strong advocate of user groups and has previously held positions such as Chairman of the Board of Advisors, Denver Chapter Leader, Planning Committee member, and other various committee positions.