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Improving Buyer Experiences with eCommerce for Manufacturers and Wholesalers


Today's customers prefer to buy digitally, and believe it or not, manufacturing and wholesale industries are now leading the charge. Just as in retail, B2B customers benefit greatly from the time and effort savings of ordering online, at their convenience, with greater visibility into their order statuses.

But when it comes to B2B customers, offering the right features and capabilities is imperative for your eCommerce success. Efficient ordering processes, custom pricing, special terms, and advanced self-service are just a few of the critical factors your customers might expect when buying online.

Watch this focused webinar on eCommerce for manufacturers and wholesalers, where we'll discuss the benefits and must-have features being used by successful businesses that made the leap.

Key webinar takeaways:

  • Top-recognized benefits for manufacturers and wholesalers
  • Must-have B2B features and UX recommendations
  • Managing and enriching product data with PIM
  • ROI breakdown

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Dynamicweb's All-in-One platform combines CMS, E-commerce, PIM and Marketing capabilities to create powerful customer experiences across all channels. Its solution fully integrates with all Dynamics ERPs released since 2009. Today, thousands of businesses around the world run more than 12,000 websites with Dynamicweb.