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How to Manage Inventory Availability During Shortages


The last 18 months have brought an unprecedented array of supply chain challenges. First came a trade war with China, then came COVID-19, closely followed by container shortages, the Suez Canal blockade, and now an ongoing shortage of over-priced raw materials.

Together, these supply chain issues are negatively affecting inventory availability, resulting in unhappy customers and super-stressed operational teams.
Businesses across sectors, including manufacturing, wholesale, and distribution, need to find new ways of dealing with demand and supply volatility.
While there is no silver bullet to overcome these problems, in this webinar we will provide proven methods to help manage your inventory and deal with stock availability challenges during times of shortage including:

  • How to track your risk-of-runout stock items
  • Top forecasting tips to help improve accuracy
  • Ways to improve supplier relationships

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EazyStock allows you to take control of your inventory by increasing service levels, lowering inventory, and automating processes. Its cloud-based solution easily integrates with your existing ERP to give you fast, measurable results. EazyStock is a part of Syncron International AB, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices and customers around the globe.