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Is Inflation Cutting Into Your Cash Flow? Optimizing Your Inventory Investment Will Help!


Having an inventory system is the just the start.  Making sure your company has the appropriate stock levels will improve customer service and reduce your inventory investment.

 Optimize your business with upgraded inventory management processes, including capabilities like:

  • Statistical demand forecasting
  • Advanced inventory planning
  • Multi-location redistribution
  • Lead time and supplier management
  • Automated inventory replenishment
  • Reports on inventory KPIs and more

With inflation, supply chain disruption, and consumer habits in an unending state of flux, tune in to discover how you can better serve your customers, reduce expediting costs for inventory, and virtually eliminate investment in slow moving items.

About the Presenter



EazyStock allows you to take control of your inventory by increasing service levels, lowering inventory, and automating processes. Its cloud-based solution easily integrates with your existing ERP to give you fast, measurable results. EazyStock is a part of Syncron International AB, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices and customers around the globe.