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New functionalities and best-practices in modern advanced Warehouse Management System

January 8, 2016 | 9:44 AM

Today’s DC’s are more complex than ever. Ensuring a cost effective operation while adapting to the changing needs of your business and client demands are an enormous challenge. Think omni-channel distribution, e-fulfillment, customer compliance, traceability requirements, and transportation integration. How your company meets these challenges can mean the difference between a profitable business or a failed one.

A modern Advanced WMS has the features that can help you manage your inventory, optimize your staff, and make important operational modifications on the fly. Learn how an Advanced WMS can help your business grow while increasing profitability in the complex warehouse-scape.

Features & Functions you will learn about:

- License plate management
- Advanced event management
- Mobile workflow configuration
- Wave management
- Advanced picking functions
- Omni-channel distribution
- Transport integration
- Manufacturing integration
- Web services integration

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Innovia Consulting

Innovia Consulting

Innovia is a multiple-award-winning Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central consulting firm known for delivering innovative Microsoft ERP systems while providing exceptional client-focused service. With five project teams and a dedicated support team, Innovia has the resources to handle all types of ERP projects.