How to Integrate Visual Scheduling into Dynamics NAV

January 3, 2016 | 8:18 PM

Dynamics NAV does not provide its users with any functionality to visually plan, schedule, and manage time-related, resource-oriented planning data. Typically this functionality composes the foundation of any production schedule, project plan, or service dispatch board. This webinar provides insight into how to close this gap with intuitive-to-use visual scheduling add-ins. Participants will learn how to visually schedule

• production orders & capacities

• jobs, job tasks, job planning lines & resources

• service orders & resources

These add-ins will help Dynamics NAV users gain operational agility by providing transparency and comprehensible drag & drop capability to production, projects, and service business. More than 3/4 of the webinar will be a hands-on demo, and no slideshow

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NETRONIC is “The Gantt Company.” Interactive Gantt charts bring transparency into production, project, and process data and improve planning and scheduling of resources, jobs, and workflows. Start making your Dynamics NAV or D365 BC system more productive with visual scheduling solutions from NETRONIC.