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Cybersecurity is NOT an IT Problem


How is cyber risk accounted for on your balance sheet? Do you understand the drastic effect on the reputation your business could face with a cyber incident?

Cybersecurity does not start and end with your IT department. It truly is a business concern that requires collaboration between ownership, operations, relevant specialist, and IT.

Dive in with Lachesis to discover:

  • Questions every Executive should ask about their cyber profile
  • How Cybersecurity programs fail without ownership participation
  • The current cybersecurity landscape
  • Best practices for avoiding and responding to cyber threats
  • How to prioritize vulnerabilities
  • Examples of steps you can take right now to improve your cyber health

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About the Presenter



Founded in 2016 by global business strategist Christopher Keslin, Lachesis brings affordable, yet sophisticated solutions to middle-market clients in the Midwest. Our decades of experience working with fortune 50 enterprises, combined with our unique skill sets, enable us to deliver results that future-proof companies and enable them to withstand the test of time.