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BC Does Subcontracting, Too! - Business Central for Manufacturing 101


If you subcontract to vendors, you know things work differently than when you work strictly internally. Luckily, Business Central has you covered here, too!

Watch our manufacturing experts; Jenny Hollingsworth and John Grant for their next session exploring the possibilities of the Subcontracting Worksheet in Business Central. Learn everything you need to know to get started finding production orders that have material ready for subcontract work and creating purchase orders easily.

The Business Central for Manufacturing 101 webinar series is designed to teach you all the tips and tricks manufacturing companies need to excel in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Join expert consultants from Innovia who have successfully implemented and serviced dozens of manufacturing company ERPs. This series is your opportunity to enhance your business's efficiency, technological sophistication, and ability to strategize.

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About the Presenters

Jenny Hollingsworth

Jenny Hollingsworth

Jenny Hollingsworth is a Senior Application Consultant/Mentor with Innovia Consulting. She has served as lead consultant for over 50 BC/NAV implementation and over 50 upgrades, where she has helped clients optimize their systems' finance, manufacturing, and other functions to meet their unique goals. She is a sought-after speaker in the BC/NAV community and has presented on manufacturing best practices at numerous conferences, including Community Summit. She is also an instructor for the new Innovia Training Workshops courses.

John Grant

John Grant

Senior Application Consultant