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3D Customer Engagement with ERP, CRM, and Marketing


Are you ready to engage with your whole customer and personalize your messaging based on their entire experience with your company? If you are only looking at some of the data, your picture is a little flat. What does it take to add the depth you need to understand customers in 3D?

When you set out to build your customer experience, you have many tools in your arsenal. Most companies have three main customer interaction tools: ERP, CRM, and a Marketing Platform. Each one is powerful and adds its unique advantages, but when you use them together, you gain the ability to build a tailored, holistic experience for each of your customers.

In this webinar with veteran marketers, CRM fans, and ERP specialists Mary P. Malone and Keith Sayer, you’ll discover how to create experiences that are memorable and set you apart in the market.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize the unique nuances that ERP, CRM, and marketing platforms tell you about your customers.
  • Understand ways that data from one source can inform actions on another platform.
  • Combine knowledge across departments (such as Finance, Sales, and Marketing) to reach the right customer at the right time with the right message.
  • Build workflows that cut across your systems while keeping the customer at the center.

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About the Presenter

Mary Malone

Mary Malone

Customer Success Manager

Mary is a well-rounded strategist, hard-wired for execution. She has experience in a range of roles, including operations, customer service, marketing, sales, and strategy, including senior leadership positions in two start-up survey data companies. Mary describes herself as "a data-geek and culture-freak," with a customer-centric ethos and bias for action. An experienced mentor, she passionately strives to develop the talents of her team members and to be a servant-leader.