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Looking for Better Reporting and Insights Into Your Company? We’ve got you covered.

Innovia Consulting Update | November 2022

By now, we all know the importance of data when it comes to making critical decisions within our companies. However, identifying that data and where it can be pulled from can be easier said than done. And displaying this data in a way that is easy to read and interpret can be even more difficult. We understand. That is why I am excited to announce our portfolio of ready-made Power BI report templates to plug into your Business Central system to get you and your team the real-time information you need.

Not sure what information you should be monitoring? Not a problem. Our Power Platform team has been working with businesses in various industries to identify the KPIs that matter most and have built them into the reporting templates, ready to go.

With our Power BI reports, you will gain valuable insights into the many aspects of your company, from accounting and purchasing, to production, inventory, and even sales and marketing, to help improve processes and make better-informed decisions. With over 20 report templates available today, you are bound to find several that meet your business needs.

Our reports feature powerful visualizations with interactive tables and graphs that can be branded with your company’s identity and customized to meet your unique requirements.

Click Here to view the report templates available in our portfolio today.

If you are looking for better insights into your company, contact your Customer Engagement Specialist for a demo of what these Power BI reports can do for your company today.

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Alan Wyne

Alan Wyne

Alan Wyne is Chief Executive Officer at Innovia Consulting, where he leads the team to provide phenomenal Business Central/NAV implementations and support. He is an experienced IT leader, who has held numerous senior positions and uses this background to help customers truly engage their own teams and software for the best possible results. Alan’s background includes 20 years in the IT world as a programmer, IT Manager, and CIO.  He also has a number of years of experience running multi-site manufacturing operations. He has experience in management roles in retail, manufacturing, warehouse, and IT.

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