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Lanham: Your Single Source for Supply Chain Solutions and Services.

Lanham Associates® offers a full suite of tested and proven supply chain planning and execution solutions built directly inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Designed to work together, the solutions enable you to start anywhere and grow based on your business needs.



Lanham Ace Warehousing

ACE Warehousing

ACE Warehousing provides a rich application to access all Business Central warehousing activity documents and transactions via wireless devices and adds incremental WMS functionality. It addresses receiving, picking, shipping, license plating, serial number tracking, and production output registration. You can dramatically increase your warehouse accuracy and efficiency with real-time access to inventory with a solution that's simple enough to use every day.

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Lanham Demand Planning

Demand Planning

A best-fit formula forecasting and replenishment system for both distributors and manufacturers. This solution enables you to optimize your inventory, increase profit, and improve customer service levels all at the same time. It offers customer and vendor collaboration, hub and spoke inventory handling, dynamic replenishment, unprecedented visibility to inventory, and much more.

For manufacturers, the solution compares the finished goods forecast to time-phased expected inventory. This helps to determine the quantity and timeframe in which products should be produced. A set of user-defined increments are then used to create Simulated Production Orders to drive demand for component or intermediate production items.

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Lanham EDI

Lanham EDI

Start your day with sales orders and end it with invoices, all while meeting trade partner compliance - inside your ERP. Lanham EDI's translator and logical mapping tool enable the seamless mapping of EDI transactions and cross-referencing to occur within the business system.  X12, EDIFACT, UCS, and cXML standards are all supported natively.

Lanham EDI enables in-house control or managed services, and also supports shipping from 3PL operations. Direct connections and the Lanham VAN are available to reduce the total cost of processing EDI. Lanham EDI supports more EDI documents than any other Business Central provider.

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Lanham E-Ship

E-Ship and E-Receive

These two critical supply chain components have been combined into one powerful extension:

E-Ship -- offers a seamlessly simple way for businesses to reduce costs while increasing both efficiency and accuracy from the time of the sales order through actual shipment. Extensions are also available for the popular package carriers, FedEx, UPS, and USPS. E-Ship supports multi-point and international shipping requirements, as well.

Ship the right items to the right customers, for the right order! 


E-Receive -- Enables streamlined inventory receiving in your warehouse.  With this solution, you can:

  • Capture weight and dimensions in Business Central
  • Create cross-references to vendor item barcodes or assign your own barcodes
  • Capture serial or lot numbers
  • Print barcode labels, if needed

Trim days off of your receiving process and have new inventory available to sell almost immediately upon its arrival.

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Lanham ICT

Inbound Container

Simplify and streamline information on your imported inventory. The Inbound Container solution uses EDI ASNs or spreadsheets from the manufacturer to define containers for accurate payment of FOB, to update expected receipt dates and quantities of inbound inventory, and to help define landed cost.

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Lanham Outbound Warehouse

Outbound Warehouse Request (OWR)  

Whether you ship from sales orders or a WMS, with OWR, shipments can be prioritized based on completed orders, best customers, highest revenue, package carriers, or other filters of your choice. OWR is the warehouse manager’s primary workflow planning tool, enabling all the activities required to get goods planned for shipment and moved off the dock efficiently.


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