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eOne Solutions

Integrate and Automate Without Any Code!

eOne Solutions is the proud creator of SmartConnect and PopDock, innovative integration, and reporting tools. Our mission is to provide highly configurable and intelligent tools for ERP and CRM that increase efficiency while reducing costs. eOne has over 23,000 companies globally that use our products, take a look, and see why.

Integration is complex by nature. SmartConnect is designed to simplify the design and management of an integrated business. Built to support the unique integration needs of midmarket companies, SmartConnect has a focus on connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business Central, NAV, CRM, Salesforce, and many other applications with your cloud or on-premise apps, with no-code.




Do you use multiple apps, perhaps on-premise and in the cloud?  Would you like to be able to easily report on that data and make your team much more productive?

Take a look at Popdock by eOne Solutions, which provides actionable insights for the everyday doer: the accountant, the project manager, the salesperson, the marketer, and many more on-the-ground workers.  If you've had experience with Smartlists or PowerBI, Popdock extends that concept to provide Smartlists and insights for all your business apps, so you can get access to the right data, real-time where you want it - within the Popdock web client, embedded within your system, from the add-in within Excel, or even the Popdock mobile app.

Use it to more efficiently access data from legacy systems, have merged reporting from your historical and current systems or across multiple companies, consolidate reporting from different sources (like all the orders from different marketplaces), or use it for exception reporting. Take a look below for even more functionality.




Ready to see if eOne Solutions is the right fit for you? Contact your Innovia Customer Success Manager today. Don't have an Innovia CSM, then call us at 800-834-7700 or email us at sales@innovia.com. We would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.