Project Management NAV Careers

Are you looking to be recognized for your killer project management skills?

We know the feeling of being stuck in a job that has little advanced learning or that’s weighed down with onerous rules and regulations. It gets old fast. Besides, you’re a proven Project Manager who can be depended upon to show good judgment in the execution of our best practices.

We’re always looking for quality people like you to lead meetings, orchestrate group discussions, encourage team members to offer innovative ideas, and to be accountable for projects from start to finish. That includes managing to deadlines and budgets.

We know that managing a project is also about managing the client. We value your ability to communicate and satisfy even those who challenge you to deliver the best.

The bottom line is that we’re just like you. We want the same things. Moreover, we want to work with like-minded, skilled professionals, committed to rolling up their sleeves to get the job done while still continuing to learn.

Our People Say It Best

We’re ready to offer you your dream project management career!

If you’re looking for continued learning and appreciate hard work, we really want to hear from you! You could join a team of experienced NAV project managers who take pride in our process and ability to meet client objectives, on time and on budget! Email to learn more about the project manager careers available.