Get your NAV System Back on Track with a Re-implementation

If you made your way to this page it may be because you had a bad experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Navision. If this is the case, we are sorry. We know it is incredibly frustrating to invest that much time and money for a system that did not do what you needed it to do. We have heard from countless companies who have been in the exact same situation as you. Wanting a way out, wanting a fresh start.

We’ve got your Back!

At Innovia, we seek to be a partner you can trust. A partner that follows up on the promises that we make. A partner that listens.

If your system is in bad shape we are here to tell you it’s not over. Maybe a re-implementation is the right fit for your business. In the sections below we help you understand what a re-implementation is and how it helps your business get back on track.

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What is a NAV Re-implementation?

Simply put, a NAV re-implementation is a redo. We identify what you want your system to be able to do, then set up an action plan to help you achieve your goals. In this process we backup your old data, configure a new system that achieves the goals you want and then go live again. This way you get a fresh start while keeping some of the data from your old system.

How Much does a NAV Re-implementation Cost?

Good question, while we wish we could could have a one size fits all answer to this question we simply can't. The truth is there are many factors that go into the cost of re-implementing your system. Including how many customizations and add-ons you had configured in your old system to the overall age of your system. To give you an accurate estimate of cost we recommend a planning engagement. This thorough assessment of your current setup gives us the insights we need to make the best recommendations for your ERP journey. The cost is $39,995 for a planning engagement.

A Planning Engagement actually help you save money. By taking a deep look at your system we can help you identify customizations and add-ons that can be replaced with lower cost options or in some cases with built in functionality that you didn't know exists.  

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