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When It Comes to Document Management AP Automation Is Just the Start!


Do you ever find yourself chasing down invoices at month-end? Do your drop-shipments processes delay customer billings and collections?

Are you asking yourself, “Where is the file?” because everyone names a file differently? Has an increase in vendor invoices caused you to miss an early payment discount? Datahaven 365 is here to help.

Document management often starts in the accounts payable department so accountants can capture, code, and match vendor invoices. However, marginalizing (or ignoring) how users outside the AP function disregards the variety and volume of documents, emails, and other electronic files flooding the rest of the organization that is essential to your business. DataHaven 365 offers a variety of solutions that can help all departments ensure information is stored consistently across the entire organization.

Join DataHaven and Innovia to see how your business can:

  • Maximize return on investment by allowing all departments to archive information with solutions for sales automation, inventory, lot tracking, jobs, manufacturing, and more
  • Process and name documents faster and consistently with less user input using Datahaven’s Deep Data Linking, virtual folders, and programmatic file naming
  • Streamline PO and Non-PO-based invoices processing with automated 3-way matching while eliminating hand keying of information.

About the Presenter



For over 20 years, Torrential Data Solutions has brought order to the often chaotic, cluttered, and inefficient environments found in a wide variety of industries, including distribution, transportation, retail, insurance, non-profit, services, and manufacturing as well as the public sector. ​ Our patented Datahaven solutions provide a paperless path with powerful, easy-to-use scanning, OCR, and workflow features embedded directly into Microsoft Dynamics for 365 Business Central and Finance & Operations.