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User Acceptance Testing: What is it and When is it Enough?


Have you ever been asked to complete User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and wondered how much it matters? If you’re like most users, that answer is yes, and if you didn’t answer yes, I bet someone testing your processes did.

 The most important thing is getting users to understand the importance of ensuring that testing is being done accordingly and in a manner, to prevent issues down the road. Let’s take some time to discuss when UAT should take place and how to prepare for it.

We will discuss the following:

• Creating a plan that works
• Testing modifications
• Testing both small- and large-scale ISVs
• Who should test
• What should be tested

About the Presenter

Marguerite Manelski

Marguerite Manelski

Marguerite is an Application Consultant with Innovia Consultant on the Support Team. She helps a wide range of clients configuring and solving problems with their ERP systems. She has specific expertise in purchasing, inventory, and related specializations.