Save Money and Pay Faster With EFT in Business Central


Are you looking for a way to save your company money and pay your vendors faster? If so, you will want to use EFT in your Business Central system.

Simply put, EFT, also known as ACH, is the electronic document submission to the bank in typically a NACHA format (CCD or CTX). This function is available in NAV but has been improved in Business Central. In this webinar, I will better explain what EFT is and why you would want to use it to send electric bank submissions. Whether you wish to learn how to set up EFT in your Business Central or learn how to use EFT to its full potential, this webinar is for you.

I will be covering:

  • What an EFT is
  • How EFT differs from NAV to Business Central
  • EFT Setup in Business Central
  • The benefits of EFT

About the Presenter

Andrea Riviezzo

Andrea Riviezzo

Application Consultant

Andrea comes from the consumer goods industry, where she held positions of Controller and ERP Manager. She has over ten years of accounting experience and has been using Business Central/ NAV since 2016, mainly as an end-user. Andrea is a strong advocate of user groups and has previously held positions such as Chairman of the Board of Advisors, Denver Chapter Leader, Planning Committee member, and other various committee positions.