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Redefine your AP experience with Datahaven 365


Does the document management system you are using (or considering) come up short as the number of AP invoices increase? Are you missing early payment discounts or sending duplicate payments? Do you ever find yourself chasing down invoices at month-end?

Datahaven 365 provides organizations with advanced OCR and workflow solutions that will automate and streamline the entire AP process. Datahaven 365 fully integrates with Business Central and can automatically perform 2-way, 3-way, and even 4-way matching. Processing invoices electronically not only eliminates data entry errors but also provides AP managers with earlier insight into newly received invoices, allowing them to take advantage of early payment discounts.

View this webinar to learn how invoices can be:

  • Automatically matched to a Business Central PO and receipt with no user involvement.
  • Routed through an advanced approval workflow that includes both Business Central and Non-Business Central users.
  • Indexed and stored in patented virtual folders accessible on-screen from the application of your choice BC, CRM, Outlook, or Teams.

Learn how Datahaven 365 can eliminate data entry/errors and accelerate non-PO invoice processing with advanced OCR data extraction. 

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About the Presenter



For over 20 years, Torrential Data Solutions has brought order to the often chaotic, cluttered, and inefficient environments found in a wide variety of industries, including distribution, transportation, retail, insurance, non-profit, services, and manufacturing as well as the public sector. ​ Our patented Datahaven solutions provide a paperless path with powerful, easy-to-use scanning, OCR, and workflow features embedded directly into Microsoft Dynamics for 365 Business Central and Finance & Operations.