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MINIMIZE Your Manual Processes and MAXIMIZE Your Time


Can your current system do any of the following, automate document capture and 3-way matching, create touchless workflows in accounting, or allow access to your documents from anywhere?

If not, it’s time to digitize your data and remove the friction from paper-based, manual processes. 

With seamless integration with your Dynamics 365 Business Central, DocLink can automate any document-intensive process by orchestrating the collection, routing, and approval of information as it flows through the company and into Business Central. 

For example, automating AP can drive 70-80% time savings for AP staff so they can take on more strategic work to help your business grow. 

Watch this discussion to learn how DocLink extends what you can do with Business Central to better improve efficiency, visibility, and control of your business processes in:

  • Accounts Payable – automated hands-free 3-way matching, faster approvals
  • Contract Management – version control, electronic signatures
  • Sales Orders/Quote to Cash – capture, documentation delivery

About the Presenter



Altec’s powerful document management solution, DocLink, helps companies go paperless and automate workflows, streamlining vital business document processes. By digitizing ALL documents, companies can better manage their data in every department – AP, AR, HR, legal, IT, and more. The benefits are tangible, from improved access, visibility, and control, accelerated approval cycles, and missed deadline elimination to reduced human error. DocLink’s seamless integration with Business Central ensures that documents can securely be captured, created, processed, and approved by anyone from anywhere. Ultimately, DocLink enables companies to spend less time managing their data, resulting in significant cost savings and improved processes for employees, customers, and suppliers.