Exemption Certificate and Sales Tax Automaton in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

August 29, 2016 | 12:22 PM

Many of today’s most successful businesses are turning to automation as a strategy for growth, resource management and business process optimization. Exemption certificate and sales tax compliance automation are no exceptions, and all types and sizes of companies, including yours, stand to benefit.


A couple of compelling stats:

  • According to Aberdeen Research, the cost of managing sales tax compliance processes is more than $60,000 annually for small businesses and nearly $400,000 for large organizations
  • Companies that automate avoid overpayments 90% more often than their peers, cut monthly returns prep and filing in half, and pass audits without penalty 50% more often


Maybe you can’t automate innovation, but you can automate all the tasks that keep you from innovating. That’s what over 20,000 companies learned when they offloaded their most expensive and time consuming compliance nightmare.


Want to learn more about automating exemption certificate and sales tax in Microsoft Dynamics NAV? Join us for our informational webinar.

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Avalara helps businesses of all sizes achieve compliance with transactional taxes, including sales and use, VAT, excise, communications, and other tax types. The company delivers comprehensive, automated, cloud-based solutions that are designed to be fast, accurate, and easy to use.