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Easily Create Training (and So Much More!) with ClickLearn


ClickLearn is a very effective solution for creating training materials with just the click of a mouse. Training materials are automatically created in three different formats: self-study, Leader-Led course, and Read and Route materials. ClickLearn is not just an educational tool but can be used to help organizations meet regulatory requirements by creating procedures that can be easily translated into many languages for global organizations.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • A few tips for working with ClickLearn on a Surface Tablet.
  • How to work with materials outside of the Business Central/NAV environment.
  • How simple it can be to create training documents.
  • How ClickLearn can be used to create a procedure.
  • How easy it is to translate your material into another language.

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About the Presenter

Gary Harpenau

Gary Harpenau

Gary Harpenau is the COO of Innovia Consulting. With previous experience as an Innovia Customer Success Manager and drawing on his extensive manufacturing leadership experience, he helps our project teams make great ERP decisions and utilize their Business Central/NAV systems to their fullest potential.