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Beginners' Guide to TARGIT


Watch our webinar as we welcome TARGIT, the software company behind TARGIT Decision Suite, an end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics enterprise platform. 
Founded in 1986, TARGIT has a long history of innovation, agility, and patented technology, making TARGIT Decision Suite a modern analytics platform delivering easier ways to work with data. Join this session to learn how to unlock the value of your data!

Serving more than 6,000 companies and organizations across 50 countries, TARGIT is a proud Innovia partner working together to create the best strategy that brings value to our customers. Watch this webinar with Eric Wenham and Jared Cornelius to learn all you need to know about TARGIT.

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TARGIT provides BI and Analytics software for everyone, and we are the software company behind TARGIT Decision Suite. We deliver easier ways to work with data, creating a real impact for our customers.