2022 Customer Conference Breakout Agenda

We are excited to present the agenda for the 2022 Innovia Customer Conference, including descriptions for each session and keynote. During each breakout timeslot, you have the choice to attend whichever session you wish.

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Welcome and DUG Keynote | 8 am

Your ERP, Is It a Gold Mine, or a Trash Can?

Presenter: Brad Adams, Sales Gravy


In this keynote, Senior Master Trainer Brad Adams will share with you the importance of a well thought out, well maintained ERP system. Simply put, your ERP should be a tool to drive your business. Your ability to find data, create reports, and simplify the chaos is critical to your business. Your opps, marketing, and sales team depend on it. We will review the ERP impact to your organization, and explore why all roads should lead to sales and profitability growth.

Session 1 | 9:10 - 10 am

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How to Prepare & Pack for Your Move From NAV to Business Central

Presenters: Jenny Hollingsworth & Kevin Naughton | North Ballroom          

Have you been contemplating the move from NAV to Business Central? If so, what’s stopping you? The cost, the fear of the unknown...Let’s alleviate your fears and discuss what to consider to move forward.

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The Metrics You Need … Fast! With Power BI and BC SaaS

Presenters: Savannah Dill |  South Ballroom

Have you ever wanted to know how your business is doing right now (rather than at the end of the month)? How are your margins doing? Are your production orders moving through as efficiently as they are expected to?

Done manually, calculating all this information would be a monumental task, and by the time you are finished, the data would be out-of-date. That's where Power BI comes in. Microsoft's powerful visualization and reporting tool connects to data from many different sources, including Dynamics 365 Business Central, to give you a complete picture of your business realities. And if you're running BC SaaS, it's easier than ever to get started!

Join this session to meet Innovia's Power Platform team and see the standard Power BI dashboard sets they have developed for Finance/Sales and Manufacturing functions within Business Central. These report packs can be deployed quickly with just a lightweight extension and your Power BI portal. See all the metrics you get out-of-the-box and where you can customize to get even more functionality.


Make Business Central Work for Your Business

Presenters: Jeremy Boogaart & Matt Abbott  |  North Upper Rasmus

Cavallo delivers professional-grade Analytics, CRM, and Order Management System capabilities out of the box. Easily see customer sales history, generate alerts, manage workflow based on line items, and much more. Our software addresses many common pain points.

Cavallo’s distinctive “built for BC” approach gets companies up and running fast. Our standalone application offers real-time integration with BC and provides a consumer-grade UI for rapid user adoption.


Get Paid Faster and Speed Up Collections Management With iSolutions for Business Central

Presenter: Ryan McBee  |  South Upper Rasmus  

Come join iSolutions as Ryan will be covering a variety of topics during this session.

  1. Automatic Email
  2. Embed Payment links in your invoices
  3. Elimination of Duplicate Entry
  4. Collections Manager
  5. Ability to send out all open invoices with a single click
  6. Sales Order Deposits with POS
  7. Automated Reminders with Click to Pay
  8. Bulk Processing
  9. Quote to Cash and Order to Cash
  10. Customer Payment Portal


Discover the Updated Zetadocs Experience on Business Central

Presenter: Sandra Cummins  |  South Lower Dahnke

The Equisys team has made extensive updates to Zetadocs that we are excited to show you! During this presentation, I will review the improved new features we have added to the Zetadocs Delivery, Zetadocs Capture, and Zetadocs Expenses Extension for Business Central.

• Demo and review of the updated Zetadocs Delivery, Zetadocs Capture, and Zetadocs Expenses user experience for Business Central

• What’s coming soon

Come along and discover the changes we have made to ensure Zetadocs remains the ideal choice for expense management and document management on Business Central.

Session 2 | 10:10 - 11 am

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Warehouse Flavors in Business Central

Presenter: Andrei Bruzgulis  |  North Ballroom

You have a warehouse to manage... aisles, sections, bins. It looks and sounds simple, right? So, why are there so many options available in Business Central to use when setting up the warehousing? Which ones are right for YOUR warehouse process?

In this session, we will discuss the configuration options available on the Location card in Business Central to help you to become an expert and make your warehouse work for you, not against you.

Key topic areas you will learn in this session:

  • We will go in-depth to review the configuration options when setting up warehousing in Business Central.
  • Walk-through configuration parameters on the Location card in Business Central and observe how changing of the parameters reflects on the outcome of the PO receiving process and customer order fulfillment.
  • Review best practices and the most common applications.

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Better Together -- Integrating Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate

Presenter: Savannah Dill  |  South Ballroom

You know Power Platform can do a lot, but did you know that it works best as a complete platform? Why choose just Power BI, Power Apps, or Power Automate when you can integrate all three!

In this session, we'll show you cutting-edge applications for embedding each component of the Power Platform to create an integrated team of intelligent apps that can be leveraged to improve business processes. You'll see how you can:

  • Make changes to data without leaving your Power BI Report with an embedded canvas app
  • Insert Power Automate buttons into Power BI to take action quickly on the data you see
  • Use Power Automate to do even more with your Power Apps

If you've ever wondered how the Power Platform fits together, prepare to have your visions for what's possible expanded! You'll meet Innovia's Team Empower, who will be sharing these demonstrations with you and available to ask questions about your applications.


What's New in Dynamics TMS® for Business Central

Presenters: Ari Smith & David Whaley  |  North Upper Rasmus

Transportation management has become a high priority! This session will cover the modern-day enhancements, features & functionality of our latest on-premise and cloud releases that are available for Business Central shippers who wish to better manage transportation spend dollars, improve margins, & service levels.

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How Versapay Can Transform Your Accounts Receivable Department

Presenter: Stacy Dose  |  South Upper Rasmus

Steady cash flow is one of the most important components of a healthy business. And the key to accelerating cash flow lies in transforming accounts receivable—more specifically, by adopting digitization to modernize core accounting and finance functions.

Join us as we show you how Versapay’s Automated AR Platform can transform your current Accounts Receivable Process to:

  • Improve delivery of invoices
  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding
  • Create easier and better customer interactions
  • Simplify cash application

Be sure to bring your questions for a short Q&A session at the end of this presentation.

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Go Global with Dynamics eShop eCommerce Solutions

Presenter: Naveen Pinnama Reddy  |  South Lower Dahnke

Expand your eCommerce web store globally with Dynamics eShop solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Join Naveen Reddy, Senior Architect, as he discusses and demonstrates our popular B2B and B2C Portals, Sales/Vendor Portal, Payment Portal, and more. Each eCommerce solution integrates directly with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Session 3 | 11:10 -12 pm

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Cut the Cost Confusion in Manufacturing With Business Central

Presenters: Thomas White & Mitzi Ridley  |  North Ballroom

Manufacturing within Business Central takes many variables into consideration. Demand, material, labor, equipment, and possibly some other elements are all areas to account for when manufacturing a finished product. Each of these areas contributes a cost to the final product. Our presentation will discuss where costs are set up within Business Central, the functions to account for the costs, and how and when these costs are recorded to the General Ledger.

  • Costing Methods and how it is associated with the manufacturing setup.
  • Material Costs for production components.
  • Capacity Costs for labor, machinery, and other indirect costs.
  • Finished Goods Costs and how it is recorded to the General Ledger.

Please join us to declutter the costing confusion in manufacturing within Business Central and fully cost the production process.


Understanding the Cost of Manual Compliance

Presenter: Larry Sheetz  |  South Ballroom 

Every day, sales tax compliance gives someone somewhere a headache. Sometimes it’s mild and clears quickly after a bit of research. Sometimes it lasts for days. And sometimes it lingers around the edges like a migraine coming on: You sense it, dread it, and do everything you can to stave it off.

The simplest things can cause the headache, a question in need of an answer, a form in need of filing. Needless to say, it takes time and resources to get sales and use tax right. Exactly how much time and how many heads depends on the size and industry of your company. The methods used to manage sales tax also play a key role. With thousands of sales tax jurisdictions across the U.S. and state-by-state variability in rates and rules, it’s easy to miss an update that can mess with your compliance. That’s why many companies choose to automate their sales tax management to increase accuracy, reduce risk, and free up their teams to focus on actual revenue-generating activities.

If you’re considering sales tax automation or just want to learn about the possibilities, this session is for you. An Avalara tax automation expert will talk through what tax automation software offers and when’s the right time to pursue a solution for your business.
You’ll learn:

  • The top challenges of tax compliance that automation can solve
  • How to know when your business should pursue tax automation to maximize ROI
  • Tips to identify and implement the right automation software

The last thing you need to worry about is tax compliance when you have other bigger priorities. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the benefits of tax automation.

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The Most Integrated Approach to Accounts Payable Automation

Presenter: Chris de Visser  |  North Upper Rasmus

Continia is entirely built inside NAV/BC, offering you the most integrated approach possible to AP Automation. We will demonstrate how easy it is to automate every step of the process so that your finance teams can spend their time on more important matters. Imagine no more manual data entry, no more chasing of approvers, no more archiving, and no more difficulty finding documents. Everything is done directly inside NAV/BC.

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Things That Business Central Ought To Do but Doesn’t

Presenter: Bob Cole  |  South Upper Rasmus 

Ready for a Shallow Dive into 7 Addons for Business Central (and NAV) On-Prem or SaaS? This session will review 7 Addons to Business Central On-Prem and SaaS that make your daily life easier.

We will briefly review the following solutions:

  • AR & Collections Manager – Now with “Credit Management” Functions
  • Dimension Manager – Add, Modify, or Delete any Dimension Value on Any Posted Record
  • Easy PDF – Extend the Basic BC Email Functions to Batch Send and Batch Print Among Many Other Improvements
  • Shipping Connector – A  new Version of a Simple, Inexpensive Shipping Application for connecting to UPS, FedEx, and the US Postal Service
  • Merge Utility – Merge One Customer, Vendor, or Item Into Another With Several Improvements to BC
  • Excel Journal Import – Import Any Excel Worksheet into Any BC Journal
  • Easy Currency Exchange – Automatically Update Exchange Rates

In-depth reviews are available on request.


Outbound Warehouse Request: Drive Productivity & Prioritize Shipments – With or Without WMS

Presenter: Charlotte Kinney  |  South Lower Dahnke

Is your company spending too much time trying to organize daily shipments? Lanham’s OWR planning tool can help by:

  • Giving warehouse managers and customer service representatives great visibility into inventory availability
  • Providing views of all orders pending shipment and all orders without picks scheduled
  • Scheduling shipments based on priorities you select or define
  • Performing a “soft allocation” of inventory, so multiple people aren’t picking the same item for separate orders
  • Growing with your business
  • Delivering unparalleled efficiency

OWR can be used with/without handheld devices and with no formal WMS – or in all options up to and including a full WMS.

Lunch and Keynote | 12 pm

Dynamics User Group's New Superheroes Ask, Can You DUG It?

Presenters: Molly Fuchsel and Liz Hallen

Molly Fuchsel_200x200  Liz Hallen_200x200

Come prepared to be entertained by the Molly and Liz duo (President and VP of DUG respectively) as they answer this question and help you soar into the next level of your career. Learn everything you need to know about Dynamics User Group (DUG), a FREE Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform community. DUG is ready to embrace your everyday business challenges, cater to your unique learning style, and provide opportunities for you to solve, network, and grow.

Session 4 | 1:10 - 2 pm

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Cash Management: Making/ Receiving Payments & Reconciling the Bank

Presenter: Breon Jennings  |  North Ballroom

In this session, we will take an in-depth look at tried and true methods of making and receiving payments, how to submit correctly formatted payment files to the bank, and how this all ties into your Business Central system.

We will also review strategic ways to reconcile your bank accounts and share new report options that give you better insight into your accounts payable and accounts receivable.

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Using CRM in Business Central

Presenter: Steve Waltz  |  South Ballroom

Are you thinking of using Customer Relationship Management in Business Central? If so, this session is for you.

We will discuss how to create contacts, opportunities, sales cycles, and to-dos. This high-level overview will give you the tools you need to visualize your complete sales pipeline and improve your sales.

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Integrate your Business Central Environment With Anything

Presenters: Chris Hanson & Alicia Bement  |  North Upper Rasmus 

For any integration need with BC/NAV, eOne can help. Whether it's uploading files, tying in a CRM or eCommerce platform, or connecting to another cloud app. SmartConnect and Popdock will allow you to get to the data you need and move it where you want it.

EazyStock Blog

Build Resiliency Into Your Supply Chain With Better Inventory Management

Presenter: Tony Vitello  |  South Upper Rasmus

Unfortunately, supply chain impacts from the pandemic aren’t going away just yet. But EazyStock’s inventory optimization solution can help you mitigate the worst of them and strengthen your inventory management to be more agile. With EazyStock, you can:

  • Eliminate surprise stock-outs
  • Proactively manage your critical items
  • Collaborate closely with vendors and customers
  • Move your inventory to where it’s needed

EazyStock is a cloud-based inventory optimization solution for wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers. EazyStock integrates with your ERP using a pre-built connector. The solution automates demand forecasting, recommends purchase orders, and executes replenishment – leaving you free to grow your business.


End-to-End Business Central Apps for Distribution & Manufacturing

Presenter: Mark Hamblin  |  South Lower Dahnke

You may think you know Insight Works, but do you? For those using, or considering using, Dynamics 365 Business Central to manage their manufacturing or distribution operations, this is one session you won't want to miss. See how to supercharge Business Central using apps from Insight Works.

Whether you're new to the apps Insight Works offers, or maybe you have already integrated an app or two, join us to learn how you can streamline your manufacturing process and warehouse operations.
Plan to join us and explore the following topics:

  • Integrating mobile devices into the warehouse setting to perform Business Central related tasks in real-time
  • Managing end-to-end shipping processes all from within Business Central
  • Creating better production schedules with a click of a button
  • Eliminating manual time entry on the shop floor
  • Capturing operational data, including consumption, output, scrap, and quality
  • Free apps that pack a lot of punch without the cost
  • And a bunch more cool apps to optimize operations

Session 5 | 2:10 - 3 pm

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Automating Transactions in Business Central? Let Me Explain

Presenter: Bryce Menadue  |  North Ballroom

Join Innovia Development Consultant Bryce Menadue as he walks you through the process of making two systems communicate through a Business Central modification to translate data into real transactions for automation or manual review.

Topics he will be covering include:

  • VS Code
  • Web Services
  • Automation
  • Development
  • AL / Ext

and much more.


Five Secrets to Successful Digital Adoption

Presenter: Christine Eltz & Katy Saviski  |  South Ballroom

End-user adoption of your application is one of the most important components of any implementation, and the key to success lies in the hands of the end-users acceptance. The challenge begins when you have too many materials to create!

Let us show you how quickly ClickLearn’s digital adoption solution can help you deliver your learning materials by:
- Helping to prep your content development
- Reducing anxiety around release cycles
- Keeping a consistent message through all learning styles
- Providing a variety of templates, all customizable
- Thinking globally, acting locally – use one recording and translate into many languages


Fuel Your 2022 Growth With EDI Automation

Presenters: Judy Weston & Shawn Martin  |  North Upper Rasmus

Boosting productivity is a priority for most businesses in 2022, especially if they want to grow. Does this sound like your company? If so, attend this session to learn how to overcome today’s business challenges with EDI for Dynamics 365 Business Central. With access to the leading retail network and industry-leading automation, SPS Commerce Fulfillment (EDI) for Dynamics BC speeds up processing times, decreases order management costs, and scales your business. Our long-standing partnership with Innovia means that you’ll experience world-class implementations and support at every stage. Join us for an inspiring session by our experts and a live demo!


8 Reasons To Move Your AP Processes Into the Future

Presenters: Tyler Gill & Jack Clarke  |  South Upper Rasmus

Want to move your business forward, but your AP processes are holding you back? Increased flexibility is now expected as many companies adopt work from anywhere policies. Yet 80% of small and medium-sized businesses rely on paper checks to pay their bills.

Bringing your AP process into the future gives your team the tools to be more productive and strategic while providing greater transparency for suppliers waiting on payments. So are you ready to take your AP to the next level? Join Tyler Gill and Jack Clarke to learn best practices that you can put in action for immediate impact.


Leveraging Data and Analytics in the New World of Work

Presenters: Rob Boysen & Raz Bhimani  |  South Lower Dahnke

Learn how companies are gaining a competitive advantage by leveraging analytics of key business trends and embracing technology integration with other business software applications.

Streamlining the flow of information from ADP® Data Cloud to Microsoft Power BI enables you to do more with your organization's data.

Session 6 | 3:40 - 4:30 pm

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How to Optimize Your Survey Process

Presenters: Savannah Dill & Mary Malone  |  North Ballroom

Feedback is one of the most effective tools for improving any aspect of your business, but do you get all that you need? Whether from customers, employees, shareholders, donors, or other stakeholders, if you want to push your organization forward, you need to know what they’re thinking. One of the best ways to get this insight is to offer a survey.

But you can’t just throw surveys together. You need a plan, a process, a commitment to engaging with the data, and the right tool to deliver it. That’s where Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, Microsoft’s high-powered survey platform, and the Use Your VOICE process come in.

Join this session to learn from Innovia’s survey and Power Platform experts on how you can create, deploy, and act on an effective survey for your organization with Microsoft’s full-featured set of tools. We’ll help you think through the method and the technology so you can start planning your survey today!

Primo Payday listing

Integrated Payroll for Business Central

Presenters: Drew Winborn & Whit Lester  |  South Ballroom

Come learn about NEW and existing features that are making Primo Payday the fastest growing payroll app for Business Central in the US and Canada!

This session will cover:

  • Automated Tax Updates
  • Payroll Posting to GL
  • Employee Management
  • Time Entries
  • Batch Payroll Processing
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Employee Self Service and Onboarding


Dynamicweb eCommerce & Portals – Compelling Online Customer Experiences Made Simple

Presenter: Ryan Meade  |  North Upper Rasmus

Learn how the Dynamicweb all-in-one eCommerce suite enables compelling online customer experiences for both B2B and B2C businesses. Empower your customers and accelerate your digital strategies with a unified platform for eCommerce, Self-Service Portals, Content Management, Product Information Management (PIM), and Digital Marketing – all fully integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions.

Datahaven Partner Page

Going Beyond AP Automation: Leveraging a Comprehensive, Cross-Platform Document Management Solution With Datahaven 365

Presenter: Mitch Brown  |  South Upper Rasmus

Got an AP problem? Think again. The problem is much broader, so your document management solution has to handle AP automation… and a whole lot more. Join us to see how Datahaven’s advanced scanning, OCR, and document workflow solutions can take you…

  • Beyond AP with embedded solutions for sales, inventory, manufacturing, lot tracking, projects, warehousing, etc. and universal document visibility using our patented virtual folder structures.
  • Beyond SOP by automating procedures for naming, filing, routing, and approving of documents, email, and other electronic files.
  • Beyond BC by leveraging the entire Microsoft stack, including CRM, Outlook, Teams, and the Power Platform.


Achieving Operational Milestones with Barcode Hardware for the Warehouse

Presenters: David Deardorff & John Rewcastle  |  South Lower Dahnke

This session will provide an overview of Barcoding and RFID hardware solutions used in today’s warehouses to help organizations streamline their operations. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how to better manage increased demand and optimize material handling and production line efficiencies.

In addition, Barcom will discuss the unique benefits of Barcode Automation, RFID, and machine vision systems that assist in maximizing visibility into your inventory, assets, and people. Participants will be introduced to Barcom’s areas of expertise, their experience supporting high-profile clients, and how their industry-leading solutions and services can achieve outstanding results.

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