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ClickLearn is the market leading solution for creating user instructions, e-learning and process videos for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and D365 Business Central. ClickLearn produces smart software used to document your business processes in a wide variety of applications. Simply click-through and record your process and ClickLearn will automatically generate training content that you can distribute to your employees and customers.

By simply going through the processes with Clicklearn you can deliver training instructions in 7 different formats.

  1.  Written instructions in HTML
  2.  Written instructions in Word
  3.  Written instructions in PDF
  4.  A full-screen PowerPoint presentation
  5.  A digitally narrated presentation video
  6.  2 interactive learning videos
  7.  A digital assistant that guides the user on-screen in the live system.

With automated written and narrated support in more than 40 languages, on-boarding and learning materials created with ClickLearn are always ready to take on the world stage.

With Clicklearn, you never have to suffer with rerecording training content because of software updates or rapid release cycles. ClickLearn gives you the ability to auto-upgrade all your learning materials to newer or changed product versions, including navigation and changed screen layouts.


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Ready to see Clicklearn's solutions in action? Contact your Innovia rep and we will make sure you see a demo of all Clicklearn has to offer. Don't have a Innovia rep? Then email us at to get started.