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Garner Foods - A Journey from Highly Customized to Modernized

Garner Foods, also known as the TW Garner Food Company, has been relationship-building with the Innovia team for several years at Microsoft Dynamics user conferences before choosing us as their new partner. When the time was ripe to make a transition, it was a no-brainer for them to select Innovia as their trusted advisor to get their system where they needed it to be.

Garner was running a highly customized Dynamics NAV system with specific food industry related needs, such as Lot Traceabilty. But their aging system wasn't leveraging all of the innovations Business Central has to offer, including functionality that would render some of their customizations unnecessary. By working with Innovia, Garner was able to re-implement their system and can now start thinking about expanding their capabilities with ideas they could only dream about before. 

About Garner Foods


The TW Garner Food Company is a sauce company with a long history of serving fresh tasting and tongue wagging sauces. Founded in 1929, they have become well known for their Texas Pete hot sauce and Green Mountain Gringo salsa brands. Learn more about the company by visiting their website at garnerfoods.com.  

Is Your Dynamics NAV System Highly Customized?

Maybe it's time to investigate if you can modernize your system. You have two options, but the one that is right for you depends on your unique situation. We encourage you to read our helpful article on Upgrades vs. Reimplentations to begin discovering which path might be right for you.

Find Out If You Should Upgrade or Reimplement

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